from a few emails I've received . . .

"My husband loved the photos, as do I!!! You have proven your level of talent and I am most grateful that I found you! I truly enjoyed the experience and it was wonderful meeting and working with you!"
  ~ LD

"Thank you soo much. The pictures look great. I had a great time."
  ~ Trinity

"I didn't know I could look like that!"
  ~ AB

"Excellent pics! We are still in shock about how good your photos were. I wish we would have come to you first."
  ~ DB

"I just got back and was looking over all the shots. Now I can't decide...Your just too good, Philip! I am so utterly impressed with the pictures. As far as trusting someone with my image, you restored my faith that I am still beautiful."
  ~ MB

"Hey, Phil! Wow!!!! The pics are sooo awesome and you are the best! I just really appreciate you! Thanks so much!"
  ~ MM

"Thanks. I love your pictures!"
~ Louis AMF Corsets

". . . the pictures look bad ass! i am so impressed and excited."
  ~ AO

"hey just stopping by to say hey. and let you know, everyone loves the pics and ppl are suprised it was my first shoot and i was that relaxed ... but you were a lot of fun to work with. I have also gotten a lot more work because of them."
  ~ Sarah W

"YOU ARE ALWAYS SO CREATIVE! Thank you for the great shoot! You are a very creative soul, and I am glad to have had the pleasure of working with you."
  ~ Tracy S

"As always, beautiful work! I still cannot get over your talent. My husband was speechless and amazed! He sincerely complimented my inner and outer beauty. I want to thank you for taking your time with me, you really do amazing pictures and your patience and love for art is unbelievable! Thank you sooo much, you are a sweetheart and you have gained a customer for life!"
  ~ EL

"Awesome, thank you :) and another thank you also for doing the shoot with me, the agency took me on."
  ~ Liz P

"It was a pleasure working with you. It is always a good experience working with a photographer who is both pleasant and creative. I'd love to work with you again."
  ~ SF

"The pictures are great and I look forward to shooting again."
  ~ AA

"You did a wonderful job!"
  ~ AM

"I had a great time, and I am really pleased with "our" work!! I love the pictures! The pics you shot have been more useful than any I have ever taken. Thanks again so much it was a pleasure to work with you."
  ~ Tonya D

"I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time shooting with you! I looked through the pictures and they are all so great! You are entirely awesome! . . . I definitely want to work with you again! VERY happy with what we have!!"
  ~ Crystal N

"Great pictures! We had a fantastic time as well. Thanks very much for your hospitality and patience. And yes she did do a great job, and won’t let me forget it."
  ~ SG

"Your pictures were badass! I've gotten so many modeling offers from those pictures."
  ~ AS

"You did wonderful work for us, and we are proud your have your services."
  ~ Kurt & Adam - Artwith Designs

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